Julissy Acosta

Mom of soon to be four kids: unborn, 5, 7, and 9

Parent coach, Power of 2
Headshot of Julissy Acosta

Julissy Acosta is passionate about early childhood education, especially in the neighborhood where she grew up – Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. Acosta’s interest grew from observing that children who enter school before Kindergarten are severely delayed in many areas of development and that the federal government gave funding for the first Early Head Start program, servicing kids from 0-3 years. Passionate about advocating for and empowering others to advocate for their families, Acosta works alongside families to help stimulate their children in preparation for Kindergarten. She also engages in family strength assessments to identify needs and strengths and establishes goals with families, from enrolling in ESL classes to putting food on the table. Seeing families overcome challenges and thrive motivates her to work in the early childhood education field. Acosta’s goal is to continue being a family advocate in the early childhood education field and in her future endeavors. Acosta aspires to share the significance and the importance of home being a child’s first classroom and parents being the first and most important teachers to their children to empower families in her beloved community.