A simple application, open to NYC nonprofits that work with parents and caregivers of kids 0–3.


From our open application, 50 organizations will receive:


To be eligible for FUEL for 50, your program must:

  • Work with or positively impact adults that care for kids ages 0-3
  • Serve a New York City community impacted by poverty
  • Be associated with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is not already funded by FUEL

If you work with the parents or other adult caregivers of young children, we want to hear from you!

More About Eligibility


You tell us.

We know that community organizations throughout our city are supporting early learning and standing up for families impacted by poverty. With FUEL for 50, we are excited to hear about programs that represent:

  • All scales and stages of development, from a new idea to an established service
  • Diverse missions and communities – early childhood development does NOT need to be your organization’s primary focus
  • Any approach to supporting caregivers, whether strengthening core skills, building nurturing relationships, reducing sources of stress, or otherwise helping to build resilience and a healthy environment for development.

Learn more about early childhood development and why we’re focused on caregivers.

Current Phase:
Open call for applications

August 24 – November 19, 2021

2021: Open Call for Applications. Followed by Round 1: Selection & Support