See how we’ll select and support awardee programs over 3 years.

2020: Open Call for Applications. Followed by Phase 1: 50 Awardees, Phase 2: Up to 10 awardees, Phase 3: Up to 3 awardees. Finally, Workshops / support, and Demonstrate

Completed November 2021:

Call for applications (Now Closed)

  • Open call for applications from all eligible nonprofits in New York City
  • Simple, online application process: Register on our portal, upload proof of your organization’s 501(c)(3), and answer questions about how your program supports parents or other caregivers of young children – and we’ll consider you for FUEL for 50. Learn more about eligibility and selection criteria.

Completed March 2022

Phase 1: FUEL for 50 Awards

  • 50 awardee organizations selected for FUEL for 50.
  • Each received $25,000 in unrestricted funding and invitations to our optional workshops and support, along with opportunity to apply to future phases of the challenge.

Completed August 2022

Workshops & Support

  • All FUEL for 50 awardees were invited to enroll in their choice of workshops on topics ranging from early childhood research and program design to fundraising and racial equity training. See our full list of sessions and facilitators.

January 2023

Phase 2: Program Development

  • In fall of 2022 FUEL for 50 awardees had the opportunity to apply to further develop and test the efficacy of their projects.
  • 10 Phase 2 awardees were selected to received $250,000 each, along with support from Robin Hood as they make refinements and implement their project in their community.
  • Throughout 2023, Phase 2 awardees will work to develop and measure the success and potential scalability of their projects.

Winter 2023

Phase 3: Funding for Scale

  • In the final phase of FUEL for 50, organizations may apply to demonstrate the viability of their programs.
  • Up to 3 awardees will share $3 million to further scale their efforts and impact within their community.
  • Robin Hood will help prepare final-round awardees to grow and more effectively measure and report on their program over time.