See how we’ll select and support awardee programs over 3 years.

2020: Open Call for Applications. Followed by Phase 1: 50 Awardees, Phase 2: Up to 10 awardees, Phase 3: Up to 3 awardees. Finally, Workshops / support, and Demonstrate

Completed November 2021:

Call for applications (Now Closed)

  • Open call for applications from all eligible nonprofits in New York City
  • Simple, online application process: Register on our portal, upload proof of your organization’s 501(c)(3), and answer questions about how your program supports parents or other caregivers of young children – and we’ll consider you for FUEL for 50. Learn more about eligibility and selection criteria.

Completed March 2022

Phase 1: FUEL for 50 Awards

  • 50 awardee organizations selected for FUEL for 50.
  • Each receives $25,000 in unrestricted funding and invitations to our optional workshops and support, along with opportunity to apply to future phases of the challenge.

March - September 2022

Workshops & Support

November 2022

Phase 2: Testing for Impact

  • In fall of 2022 FUEL for 50 awardees may apply to further develop and test the efficacy of their projects.
  • Up to 10 awardees will each receive $250,000, along with program development consulting from researchers and Robin Hood staff as they make refinements and implement their project in their community.
  • Over 12 months, Round 2 awardees will work to implement and measure the success and potential scalability of their projects. Participants will produce a proof of concept for their evolved project.

Winter 2023

Phase 3: Funding for Scale

  • In the final phase of FUEL for 50, organizations may apply to demonstrate the viability of their programs.
  • Up to 3 awardees will share $3 million to further scale their efforts and impact within their community.
  • Robin Hood will help prepare final-round awardees to grow and more effectively measure and report on their program over time.