Announcing Our Grand Prize Awardees,
3 Community Organizations Transforming Early Childhood Learning in New York City

Meet the Winners

We created FUEL for 50 to strengthen the community organizations stepping up for NYC families living in poverty.

Parents and other adult caregivers are a child’s first teachers, tasked with building the most important skills for their lifelong learning and success. Thousands of New York City families take on the hard work of parenting without access to basic services, housing, food, or income – challenges made worse by systemic inequities and the COVID-19 pandemic.

At FUEL (Robin Hood’s Fund for Early Learning), we’re working to transform New York City into an early learning metropolis. That means reaching beyond traditional child care centers and making every environment a child occupies an opportunity to learn and thrive. We launched FUEL for 50 to invest in promising, community-led programs from any nonprofit serving New York City families with children ages 0-3. Our awardees have been on a three-year journey, receiving phased funding, support for program development and capacity building, and fostering connections with other nonprofits and early childhood experts.


From an open call for applications, awardees received:

  • Phased funding from $25,000 up to $1 million
  • Access to workshops with experts in early childhood and nonprofit management
  • Specialized assistance and support from Robin Hood FUEL


FUEL for 50 was open to any programs that:

  • Support adults that care for kids 0-3
  • Serve a New York City community impacted by poverty
  • Were associated with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is not already funded by FUEL


At FUEL, we're working to transform New York City into an early learning metropolis.

We created FUEL for 50 to:

  • Empower the community-based organizations leading efforts to support our City’s most vulnerable families
  • Elevate and connect programs that focus on parents/adult caregivers by helping build teaching skills or cope with stress
  • Recognize the diverse types of nonprofits supporting early learning